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Moving the Needle with Mobile Marketing

As consumer attention spans become shorter with more and more distractions, companies of all sizes are pressured to find new ways to engage their audiences. For startups working in the digital space, mobile ads could play a significant role by affecting user acquisition through app downloads or user reactivation and re engagement through remarketing.[1] This dynamic space is fast changing. Understanding the current trends can help make your mobile spend go a long way.

Optimize ad size and length To better engage with their audiences, marketers need to create different versions of the same video with varying lengths for each platform. For example, while the recommended length for a YouTube video could be only a minute and a half, on Facebook you might be able to effectively run a video for as long as 3 minutes if it adds good value. With Facebook Live you can even go as long as 18 or 20 minutes because live streamed videos are often promoted ahead of time and people expect to see a longer form video.

In addition, it is important to adjust and optimize ad sizes and graphic quality. Unadjusted ads not only appear deformed on a smartphone, they also take up lot of data. This last point is especially significant for users who have a limited phone data plan. To optimize, check the best resolution based on the common screen sizes such as 4 inches, 5 inches and so on for smartphones. This same rule also holds true for other devices such as tablets.

Get a better bang for your buck with programmatic ads

Programmatic advertising leverages technology to buy and sell ad inventory by use of automated and data-driven procedures. Programmatic advertising is a sophisticated, data-led approach to marketing that is proving to be a more efficient way to trade. It allows you to effectively target users across a wide range of ad formats and devices as well as track performance. Through rich ad formats, the opportunity to purchase digital ad inventory, and use of real-time data, you can substantially improve targeting and measurement.

Leverage location for mobile If you are running a local business, it may be important for you to set geographical limitations on your mobile advertising so the ads go to customers in the area. Companies such as Geofencing can assist by setting virtual boundaries around specific addresses. For example, Walmart uses this method of location based mobile marketing to enhance the customer journey. When a customer is within a geographic boundary of a Walmart store, a notification will pop up to allow access to the Walmart app without needing to search for it. This makes the customer’s experience seamless as he or she can immediately scroll through their account as well as view personalized promotions.[2]

Last Tip

As you go deeper into mobile and video advertising, you will discover there are unique refinements to optimize for each platform. For example, while on most platforms you need to click on a video for it to run, Facebook videos run automatically without sound as a user scrolls through his or her feed. Therefore, Facebook test’s your ability to grab visitor attention through telling an enticing story with images alone. This type of tweak as well as others is what you should keep in mind in order to stay up to date on the latest trends.

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