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“To Launch or not to Launch…That is the Question.” Or Why or Why Not to Launch at CES Vegas

Every year, technological breakthroughs come together at the Consumer Electronic

Show (CES) in Las Vegas for a weeklong conference focused on the new and


Entrepreneurs set high expectations for their startup to get a strong push at the event. In

the months prior to the show, entrepreneurs may be facing questions as to how to get

the most value from it. For many entrepreneurs, the question of launching their product

at the show becomes a real dilemma. Some would argue that CES is the perfect

opportunity to launch, while others are convinced that crowdfunding and pre-order

campaigns are the way to go. (1)

The marketing value of launching at CES stems from the prestige of the event. To

launch at CES, you’re product must be seen as a breakthrough and worthy of the


If you are facing this cross-road, some points that may help guide your decision include

the following:

  • How well do you know the PR platform for similar products.

  • Can you generate the media attention in your industry by targeting the right sources to generate press articles at the show?

  • Do you know who your competitors at CES are and can you differentiate your product without devaluing theirs?

  • Are you expecting to use CES to gain valuable input on a new version of your product? If so, do you have a set of tactics to gain those insights?

  • Can you set clear sales goals for your team before the trade show and is the team geared towards generating as many leads as possible?

  • CES is held in January. Is your product seasonal? Would launching the product in the winter over the summer make a difference for sales?

Whether you are going as an attendee, delegate Leader or exhibitor, here are a few tips

that can ease the experience:

  • Pack extra batteries for your cellphone, comfortable shoes and energy bars

  • Uber and Lyft are finally licensed to operate in Las Vegas. Take advantage of them.

  • Expect to run out of business cards so bring a lot. Also take advantage of digital business cards.

  • The last day of the convention brings less crowds but potentially better chances to shine.

  • Get your badge before the event to save time on lines.

Last but not least, remember to keep a record of your interactions, so that you can follow up

after the event and carry on a lead nurturing program sometime after the show.


(1) the-consumer- electronics-show- is-dead- for-product-


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