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The Connected home - A Marketer’s Perspective

The lines of distinction between network and device are blurring. Embedded sensors, image

recognition and even augmented reality are integrating into our lives. With the proliferation of

devices connected to networks (what we call the Internet of Things or IOT) so are increasing the

number digital touch points.What will be the gateway to the consumer in the near future? The

smartphone or home appliance, maybe both?

Most recently though, simple devices have taken the stage such as Amazon’s Dash button.

Pressing on the button allows you to immediately order an item through your Amazon Prime

account. You do this without looking at the price or comparing it with other brands. In an online

world where we’ve relinquished our privacy for advertisers to target us more directly, is the next

step letting go of our own choice? Is convenience so tempting that it will drive consumers to

disconnect from the amount of money they spend? My guess is no. These buttons may turn out to

be more of a branding device in disguise than a functional service.

Could it be that Amazon forgot that one of their major marketing breakthroughs had to do with

offering suggestions for complementary items at the moment of purchase? Suggestions, not

decisions. It seems reasonable to assume that people like it when they’re given choices close to

their heart, rather than when choices are taken away from them altogether.

Let’s now consider taking a step beyond just offering complementary products to offering

complementary interactions between products. That may be where we as marketers should be

heading. Brands and products in the house should not only compliment each other but also

interact with each to provide data notifications. For example, if your Bosch dishwasher is set for an overnight load, your Nest thermostat should receive a message to automatically adjust the

temperature, so you can enjoy lower heating bills.Seamless integration between services in the

house could mean large savings as well create an appreciation of brand innovativeness by

consumers. Adopting these technological collaborations early on can be a great doorway towards

strong brand loyalty for you.