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How To Find the Best Content to Read, Watch, and then Share for Entrepreneurs


Searching for the best content to read or watch can take time. Something that startup junkies do not have a lot of. Yes, we only have 24 hours in a day. Is there a startup that has successfully been able to add more hours to a day? Not yet!

This blog post is all about bringing to you, what we have researched and found to be either tools or sources for great content and information.

So how do you do it? How do you find the right content and have it sent to you?

Let the system work for you! Save time

  1. Have a list on Feedly or something similar with the best blogs and authoritative news sites in your niche. Just log in and click from site to site to see their updates posts.

  2. AllTop brings a wide list of pre-chosen sources of content to you and is updated regularly

  3. The Pinterest search engine will find you content that you didn’t know existed and bonus – very visual.

  4. Buzzsomo tracks content from social media sites (Facebook, twitter, Google+) etc.

  5. is a favorite! Swayy is a great dashboard that pulls in content that you want for discovery and sharing using topics and keywords.

Now you have at least 10 hours’ worth of content to read and share a day – don’t get overwhelmed. Learn how to speed read and skim, within a few weeks you will know which source provides you with the best content, which source gets to the point – and which doesn’t. Start tweaking your list.


The entrepreneur and startup world is dynamic and full of new rising star mentors and leaders. Here are our suggestions for ‘startup junkie content’:

New and fun! Listen to Meerkasts! Please don’t tell us that you haven’t heard about Meerkat – but just in case, check out the app on iOS and now on Android. Great Meerkasters to watch:

Lists and Interviews

lean startup.jpg

Must read books:

How do you find the right content? What tools do you use? What entrepreneurial book made the biggest impression on you?