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Tools that Veteran Startups Recommend and Use

Startups are and the teams behind them are busy, busy with creating, changing the world and keeping their new business venture organized, productive and efficient. However, there is an overwhelming amount of productivity and task tools available to help you do this. We asked our favorite startups (portfolio companies) what their favorite startup tools are:

Onn from Marketyze

Great team work is a crucial part of any startup’s DNA. We really like using Trello ( for assigning tasks for different departments and people in the company.

It’s very intuitive and simple and helps keep track of all the different tasks we need to manage and follow up on.

home-hero (1)-1.png

Tal from Evolero

We switched from our home-made CRM on Google Docs to Pipedrive and are smiling! We transferred all of our onboarding info, leads, and contacts, and started to easily track progress and tasks. It’s really intuitive and amazing to be able to see the whole deal flow at once.


Yoad from JoBrain

Atlassian is the favorite tool in our office. It connects all of our activities in the office, whether tasks, software issues or messages from other members of the team. It is the perfect task management tool for software development teams!


Racheli from ZuzNow

We have started to use 10,000ft for project management, as a growing company, it makes it easy to organize project management, resource planning, expenses, time tracking and reports who is doing what. It is very intuitive and its drag and drop input feature makes it fast.


Rami from WhiteSource Software

As a favorite, we choose Trello ( It's a very easy-to-use and convenient way to manage and share tasks across team-members. We use for R&D and, separately, for marketing. This way, we always know what each team member is working on, what the priorities are and can see history of previous tasks.


A great new resource for finding tools that other startups use and recommend is Startup Tool Shop, It's a resource for entrepreneurs to discover, share, and discuss the best things out there to help grow their ideas. Check it out!

Have you ever used any of the tools mentioned here? Which of them do you use today? Can you share some tools not included?